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iTech Hackfest is a national-level Hackathon will be held on 26/03/2024 at St.Thomas College of Engineering and Technology, which is the Center for Regional Round (Kerala Region). 

iTech Hackfest Provides a platform to bring talented engineering graduates from diverse backgrounds together to collaborate and create innovative solutions to real-world problems. 

With SAP as the primary sponsor, participants will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, mentors, and judges who will provide them with valuable insights and feedback on their projects. iTech Hackfest provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network and build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals, while creating innovative solutions. 

Click on the link Hackfest 2024 for more information.


Sub: STM-KTU-S2,S4,S6&S8 B.Tech examination registration-fee Collection-Reg:

All the students are informed that B. Tech S2,S4,S6,&S8 Exam (R) Registration May 2024 (2019 Scheme) is opened. Students are directed to register and pay the Fee at College Office as detailed below.

Exam Definition : B.Tech S2,S4,S6,&S8 (Regular) Exam May 2024(2019 scheme)/Date for submission by Regular/FE students : Up to 14.03.2024

Note: Exam Registration for supplementary students will be notified later.

Attention of all the students are invited to the following also.

1. Registration for Regular examination should be completed by the students on the date specified for student's registration itself and payment of fee should be made on or before 3 PM on the last date fixed for registration to them. No fee will be collected in Office thereafter, and registration will be submitted to the University with the list of Students.07/03/2024

Sub: STM - PTA meeting - intimated - Reg:

A class PTA meeting of S8, S6, S4 and S2 students for the academic year 2023-24 is scheduled on 15/03/24 (Friday) and 18/03/24 (Monday) at 2.00pm. All parents are requested to be in the meeting as per the following schedule.

15/03/24 (Friday)

1. S2,S6,S8-Computer Science & Engineering

2. S2,S4,S6,S8- Civil Engineering

3. S4,S6,S8- Electronics & Communication Engineering

4. S6,S8- Mechanical Engineering

5. S2- Data Science

18/03/24 (Monday)

1. S4-Computer Science & Engineering

2. S2-Electronics & Communication Engineering

3. S2- Mechanical Engineering

4. S4- Mechanical Engineering.

Bus service is arranged from Mattannur to college via Uruvachal at 1.30 pm.


1. Series test 2 results

2. Academic progress of even semester

3. Co-Extracurricular activities&l