Department of Applied Science and Humanities

Applied science is a bridge that connects pure, basic science like physics , chemistry and mathematics with engineering practices. Faculty in applied science employ fundamental physical, chemical and mathematical principles to create innovative new technologies. These novel solutions are then handed off to engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important societal problems.


  • Basic Engineering Subjects
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Engineering Physics

Lab Instructors


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Engineering physics laboratory is well equipped with all sophisticated, modern & advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various important areas of physics like optics, mechanics, electronics, electricity and magnetism. All the experiments have been planned in cycles so that the student can perform experiments independently. Engineering Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines whose applications form the basis of many technological advancements known to us. The laboratory of Engineering Physics brings the student into contact with activity in several technical subjects like Optics, mechanics, circuit analysis, electronic devices and circuits, electromagnetic fields etc., which drives the students to the technical areas.

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The Engineering Chemistry Lab has a wide range of equipment. The lab is aptly prepared to impart education in Chemistry in a neatly designed, spacious and well-ventilated laboratory with a capacity to accommodate 30 students. The lab is aesthetically designed with polished ceramics tiles, separate balance room and chemical store room.

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English Language is considered as the window to the modern world. A language lab has been set up to improve the communication skill of the students. Students aquire proficiency in English by going through the self learning software modules. Students can develop their written and oral communication skills and take up the competitive examination with confident.