Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering has been one of the core branches of Engineering forming the foundation of other disciplines like Computer Science & Information Technology. Keeping in view the worldwide popularity of this branch, the department of Electronics and Communication takes special care in acquiring the students with the latest advancement in technology.


The various choices that exists for a core job for electronics engineering graduates falls into the following categories:

  • Semiconductor/VLSI Industry
  • Embedded Software Development
  • System Design and PCB Design
  • Electronics Equipment manufacturing Industries
  • Research & Development
  • Telecommunication Sector


  • Developing quality technical education through innovation and teamwork for an everlasting technology development in the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering


  • To train graduates to meet future global challenges and to impart quality technical education in order to serve the needs of the society, industry and scientific community


                                                                    SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS

The department has formed following special interest groups to promote and support various research and development activities

Image Processing

Promoters: Prof. Sreelal Sivan

Signal Processing

Promoters: Prof. Megha E, Prof. Ann Mary George

Internet of Things- IoT

Promoters: Prof. Rahul VA, Prof. Nithin C


  • Embedded system & VLSI design
  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Control System
  • Applied Electromagnetic Theory
  • Analog and Digital Communication
  • Network Theory
  • Solid State Devices
  • Analog and Digital Electronics

Lab Instructors

  • Mrs. VIJINA K (Lab Instructor)
  • Mrs. SINDHU K (Lab Instructor)
  • Ms. SHIMNA A (Lab Instructor)


Project Image

Exploring the scope of electronics by modeling circuits using basic components to accomplish a specific function or an operating device and to optimize their performance.

Faculty In charge: Asst. Prof. Ann Mary George

Lab Instructor: Ms. Shimna A.

Project Image

Introducing the world of digitization, minimization and performance excellence using synchronous and asynchronous digital circuits.

Faculty In charge: Asst. Prof. Shajina V.

Lab Instructor: Ms. Sindhu K.

Project Image

Programming and real time operations in digital domain and to gain enough experience to meet the demand of the microprocessor era.

Faculty In-charge: Asst. Prof. Shajina V. 

Lab Instructor: Ms. Sindhu K.

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Electronics Workshop:Gives basic introduction of electronic hardware system and provide hands on training with familiarization, identification, testing, assembling, dismantling, fabrication and repairing such systems by making use of various tools and instruments available in the Electronics workshop

Electrical Workshop:To familiarize the students with commonly used components, accessories and measuring equipment in electrical installations and also provide hands on experience in setting up of simple wiring circuits

Faculty In-charge: Asst. Prof. Sujisha P. P. (Assistant Professor, ECE Dept.)

Lab Instructor: Ms. Sindhu K.

Project Image

Provide experience on design, testing, and analysis of few electronic circuits used for communication engineering.

Faculty In-charge: Asst. Prof. Preveena K. P. 

Lab Instructor: Ms. Shimna A.

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In the IoT Lab, students are given access to a good learning environment and can also work on real-time problems that they face in everyday life. Further, it enhances collaborative learning, as well as allowing students to gain knowledge in multiple disciplines regardless of the course they study.

Faculty In charge: Asst.Prof. Rahul VA 

Lab Instructor: Ms.Sindhu K

Project Image

Enable the students to explore the concepts of design, simulation and implementation of various systems using MATLAB and introduce the Electronic Design Automation tools like SPICE simulator,Modelsim etc at basic level

Faculty In-charge: Asst. Prof. Arsha C. Dinesh 

Lab Instructor: Ms. Sindhu K.