The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) aims at achieving quality through continuous improvement with cooperation of all stake holders. It will channelize and systematize the efforts of the University towards academic excellence.

IQAC Composition


    • Dr. Shinu Mathew John (Principal)

    Management Representative

    • Mr. Rijo Thomas Jose (CEO)

    Academic Coordinator

    • Dr. Anetha Mary Soman (Professor, ECE Department)

    IQAC Coordinator

    • Mr. Nithin C (Assistant Professor, ECE Department)

    Department Coordinators

    • Mr. Nivin V.K (Assistant Professor, ECE Department)
    • Mr. Sreelal CV (Assistant Professor, ME Department)
    • Ms. Deepthi K (Assistant Professor, CE Department)
    • Ms. Anju G (Assistant Professor, CSE Department)
    • Dr. Rakhi Sreedharan (Assistant Professor, Applied Science and Humanities Department)

    Senior Administrative Officer

    • Mr. Gangadharan C (Administrative Officer)

    Industry Representative

    • Mr. Ayyappan R (General Manager and Principal, NTTF Bangalore)

    Professional body representative

    • Mr. Madhu K (Assistant Professor, CSE Department- CSI College Chapter Coordinator)

    Local Society representative

    • Mr. Sanjeevan V. P (PTA Vice President)

    Student Representative

    • Mr. Abhay Rithik (Student, ECE Department (2021-25 Batch))

    Alumni representative

    • Mr. Muhammed Irfan (Alumni, (2015-19 ME Batch))

Minutes of the IQAC meetings

Internal Academic Audit Report

External Academic Audit Report