Asst.Prof. ARUN MON V

Team Members

1.Abhilash A

2.Abhinav Chandran

3.Jassim Harris

4.Anusree P


These days almost all institutes whether it be educational or business related, have a large number of computers installed under their network for their benefits. Educational institutions have multiple number of labs and hundreds of computers in them.Even then there isn't a proper way to monitor the activities of each of these computers, especially il sensitive sessions like lab examinations.So, in a class having 60 students it might be difficult for teachers to monitor them individually . Through this project we are proposing a way for the administrator to detect and monitor the activities of a system that's been connected to the lab network.The system will give permission to the administrator to view each and every computer's activities.This will aid teachers in making sure that there are no unwanted usage of the systems, and also allow the teachers to make sure examinations are attended in a fair way.By proposing this system we can make sure that students are completely focused in their work and they don't indulge in other activities and administrator(teacher) have the complete control over students.