Asst.Prof. ANU C

Team Members

Fajar C P

Midilaj M A

Amal Santhosh


Ecommerce have become one of the inevitable parts of life. More and more ecommerce systems have been emerged during this pandemic time also. Because of transparency and efficient services ecommerce platforms have made a good influence in the contemporary world. Ecommerce sales amounted to more than $3.5 trillion worldwide by 2019. The amount is still increasing. More than 14% of retail sales of world came from ecommerce. All ecommerce platforms have been trying to maximize the sale by providing many type of offers even complete cash back. But in some cases, slight increase of price will reduce the chance of a sale. So there is no other option for buyer to negotiate with seller. In such case, seller will lose a sale. So we have decided to propose an intelligent negotiation agent to negotiate with buyer where buyer can negotiate and can fix a deal. Negotiation is based on customer behavior. To identify customer behavior, machine learning classification algorithm is used. Here seller has to do nothing. Through this system seller can get more sales within less period of time without a drastic reduction in his profit. At the same time buyer can buy something according to his budget. This will maximize the sale in the entire platform.