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Auto-rickshaws have been thriving on our roads for over many decades now. They are one of the most preferred modes of public transportation by the common people in both urban and rural areas of our country. But, there haven’t been any important changes in the model and design of the auto-rickshaws. So, our project work aims at modifying the Auto-rickshaw to a better version. And according to a survey, it has been found that they have many issues for both the passengers and the drivers. So, the new version, the AWADAR, is designed to solve the issues and to make the auto-rickshaws a user-friendly ride. The new version is with an automatic gear transmission system and 3 wheel drive mechanism.

Auto-Rickshaws are one of the most depended on public transports in India. But it’s still in the conventional model. One of the major issues noticed is the fatigue due to the manual gear transmission and the others include the lack of control during turns, the brake controlled by leg, lack of off-road capabilities, etc. There are many issues commonly faced by the drivers for decades and the fatigues to the hands due to gear transmission being the top most issue among them. The issue that all of the drivers confirmed are the problems with the manual gear transmission. Especially in traffic blocks that are also common in the urban areas, drivers find it tedious to use the manual transmission. The next one is the issue with the off-roads while in rural areas like villages. The roads in rural areas are not yet developed and some of the paths are still marshy lands. And the drivers find it difficult to ride through those terrains and sometimes get stuck in the sloughs. The modified version Auto-rickshaw with automatic drive and All Wheel Drive has been proposed. And this not only provides the smoother ride, but also helps keeping all the controls at a hands reach. The vehicle user-friendly for a leg impaired person and a simple ride for all.