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Water scarcity is one of the burning issues of today's world. Though water covers more than two thirds (about 70%) of the earth's surface but still fresh water which can be used for drinking and carrying out everyday chores remains scarce (only about 2.5%). The actual problem of water shortage is mainly faced by the countries with long coastlines and the island nations, which do not have adequate fresh water resources. They meet their water demands by desalination of sea water which is very costly. This project aims to generate a large amount of water from the atmosphere by condensing it's moisture content. Thermo electric cells are used for this purpose and providing sufficient amount of air intake gives the required output so far. The main advantage includes minimum consumption of electric energy and human effort as well. An arduino board is used for controlling the intake fan and to switch ON/OFF thermoelectric cells according to our need.

Many experiments has conducted to test the performance of the developed prototype under different air flow conditions. This AWG can produce fresh water up to 0.102 l/hour with 4 peltier modules and 0.048 l/hour with 2 TEC’s . Thus it can be postulated that the production of water can be increased. If the air flow rate, increased to 190 CFM, the moist collection will elevate due to faster air flow rate through the apparatus. Once the above mentioned protocols are fulfilled, it can be derived that the device can produce up to 0.6 l/h. In comparison to the other AWG devices, it is realized that this system is not completed yet, since it is limited to the study domain. With further improvements and advanced components, this device could prove to be more economical and sufficient for generation of drinking water in arid regions. This proposed alternative system will help to solve the issue of water availability in rural areas where the electrical energy supply is intermittent, especially in the humid climate area. By running this system for 24 hours and by using the hybrid electrical system, this AWG device also applicable to install in the urban area for getting fresh water recovered from the atmosphere.