Retaining Wall Design



Team Members

Amritha Vani

Anagha KK

Ansil Ayoob

Chippy VP


Retaining walls are usually built to hold back soil mass. However, retaining walls can also be constructed for aesthetic landscaping purposes. Observations from recent earthquakes shown that the chances of causing earthquake in all types of retaining structures are increasing day by day. For overcoming it we are designing a cantilever retaining wall at college on the basis of dynamic earth pressure.
We selected our plot in college ground where retaining wall is needed. Soil is tested and a conclusion is made. We decided to design a cantilever retaining wall. The measurements are taken for design of retaining wall. Then we designed a cantilever retaining wall by using static method and dynamic method. The end results are compared. Estimation is also done. The design is also analyzed by using STAAD.Pro software. This report gives an idea about different kinds of earth pressure theories, earth quake, earth quake zones, different types of retaining wall etc and helps to get an idea about the difference between static and dynamic method, cost of construction of cantilever retaining wall on the basis of dynamic method
Keywords: cantilever retaining wall,