Traffic Perfomance Analysis and Conjuction Study at Caltex Junction in Kannur



Team Members

Anusree Vinod

Athira K Raman

Elbin Josco Thomas

Shyamili K


A drive from one end of the town to the other through the National Highway has become unbearably long as the road, already chock-a-block with vehicles, is badly damaged after the onset of monsoon. Owing to this, the already crammed road that causes traffic jams in rush hours has become less motorable now. The condition of the portion from AKG Hospital to Thana here is the worst. The damaged highway passing through the town causes inconvenience to drivers and pedestrians alike at a time. As an alternative turbo roundabout is implemented in the congestion area. A turbo roundabout is a particular type of roundabout where entering and circulating lanes are bounded by traffic signs and by non-mountable curbs. The physical separation between lanes, both at entries and on the ring, helps to prevent side collisions crossing the roundabout. The main advantages of turbo roundabouts are: reduction in the number of potential conflict points; lower speed of vehicles passing through the intersection: safety conditions at the intersection due to lower risk of side-by-side accidents. Also, in some cases the capacities of turbo roundabouts are higher than the capacities of conventional roundabouts.