Hair Fiber Reinforced Concrete



Team Members

Ayishath Farisa P

Sheril K

Harsha PV

Harsha K


Fiber reinforced concrete is one among those advancements which offers a convenient, practical and economical method for overcoming micro cracks and similar type of deficiencies. Since concrete is weak in tension. So an attempt has been made to achieve improved strength results using hair as fiber in conventional concrete. Human hair is strong in tension, non-degradable matter and is available in abundance. With the ever increase in the demand of river sand and decrease in availability, there is an immediate need for finding suitable alternatives which can replace sand partially or at a high proportion. Urbanization of ceramic waste is one of the active research area that encompass the effectiveness of replacement in all the aspects of construction materials. It is very essential to develop eco-friendly concrete from ceramic waste. In order to analyze the mechanical properties such as compressive, split tensile, flexural strength, the samples were casted with 10%,20%,30%,40% replacement of sand using ceramic waste and different percentages of hair fiber as 0%,1%,2% and 3% by weight of cement