A Study on Stabilization of Soil Using Fly ash and Geotextile



Team Members

Shuhaib TP

Namitha C

Mibin MK


Soil is the basic foundation for any civil engineering structures. It is required to bear the loads without failure. In some places, soil may be weak which cannot resist the incoming loads for which soil stabilization is needed. Stabilization of weak soils with fly ash not only improves engineering properties of soil, but also provides answers to issues of fly ash disposal. Geotextile is a newly emerging material in construction fields, offer great potential in varied areas of application globally. It plays a significant part in modern pavement design and maintenance techniques. The present study describes the use of lime treated class F fly ash and non-woven polyester geotextile to stabilize a weak soil. The objective of the study is improving the engineering properties of the weak soil by using lime treated fly ash as an admixture and geotextile as reinforcement. California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test were conducted in the laboratory on the soil alone, soil-fly ash mixture and placement of geotextile at different depth (h/3 and 2h/3) in CBR mould, with geotextile maximum value of CBR by using one layer is obtained when geotextile placed at h/3 depth in CBR mould. Atterberg’s limits, variable head permeability test and Standard proctor compaction tests were conducted in the laboratory on the soil alone, soil-fly ash-lime mixture. Effect of lime treated fly ash on of UCS and CBR value was observed with two different curing periods (7 and 14 days) as well as five different percentages of lime treated fly ash (10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 30%). Increment of curing period helps to increase the UCS and CBR value for a given percentage of lime treated fly ash mixture. The experimental results show that the use of geotextile and lime treated fly ash leads to effectively enhance the engineering property of soil.
Keywords: Lime treated fly ash, Geotextile, Atterberg’s limits, Unconfined compressive strength (UCS), California Bearing Ratio, Compaction test, Permeability test.